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The first egyptian Nuclear power plant (NPPA) 4 X 1000 MW Nuclear Power Plants 2009 2022 8000 TBD Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority Egypt
Yanbu Independent Water & Power Project IWPP 1500 MW Steam Generators and Auxiliaries, Steam Turbine, Transformers and HV, MV, LV Electrical System, Fuel Management and Handling, Foundations, Structures, Chimneys, Building and Services, 33 MIGD Desalination, (Two Alternatives MSf and/or RO)Main Pipework System, Product Water Storage and Forwarding 2008 2009 1700 Preliminary Design Report, Final Tender Document. Evaluation Report, Site Supervision, Guarantee E.ON Projects Consultancy LTD Saudi Arabia
Consultancy services for soil settlement investigation at al taweelah B plant Sea water pumping station, distiller unit and power unit foundation, pipe rack settlement of fills & soil movement for civil structure/pipes for data collection, samples collection, measurements, analysis of samples and measurements, results analysis, technical recommendations, design & specification preparation for remedial works in determined locations at altaweelah site 2013 2014 1500 studying different possible causes of movement and distress, data collection, site survey and site investigation, technical assessment Asia Gulf Power Services Company Limited United Arab Emirates UAE No Image
2x(500-600)MW Power Station with the Associated Transmission System Reinforcements Study the different fuel alternative (including coal) to select the feasible & viable and least cost solution for fuel to build power station 500-600 mw in Aden and Hodeidah, study the impact of adding the power station on the national grid and transmission system reinforcement needed. 2013 2015 1200 Feasibility study, study Report, concept design, Tender document MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY AND ENERGY Yemen No Image
Kuraimat Power Station Complete power plant comprising , 2 x 600MW steam turbines, Two high pressure boilers (dual fuel), All auxiliaries and ancillaries, Intake & outfall, All civil & building works 1992 1999 862 Concept design preparation of Tender Documents, Bids Evaluation, Post Contract duties including supervision of construction and commissioning. Ministry of Electricity, Egyptian Electricity Authority. Egypt Egypt
Ras Laffan Power and Desalination Plant 750 MW combined cycle gas turbine and steam power plant in dual mode with 40 MIGPD (MSF) and desalination plant 1999 2001 730 Design, cost estimate, preparation of RFP and evaluation of IWP offers for the desalination units. Qatar General Petroleum, Corporation (QGPC) – Qatar Qatar
Kureimat Combined Cycle Power Plant 750 MW combined cycle 2 gas turbine + 1 steam turbine + 2 HRSG with all accessories 2004 2007 700 Participation at design review and site supervision EEHC Egypt
Nubaria Power Station 2x750 MW combined cycle power Plant 2003 2006 700 Participation at design review and site supervision EEHC Egypt
AL-TAWEELAH STEAM POWER & DESALINATION PLANT 2x160 MW extraction condensing type turbines, 2x625 tons/hr natural gas and liquid fuel fired reheat boilers at 126 bar and 510oC, 4x5/6 MIGPD desalination plant complete with water tanks and associated civil works. 1980 1981 520 Engineering Design, Preparation of Tender Documents, Bids Evaluation Water and Electricity Department, Abu Dhabi, UAE. United Arab Emirates UAE
Al Mirfa Power & Desalination Plant 4x61 ISO MW gas turbines, 3 x 5.4 MIGPD MSF desalination units, 4x120 t/h EHR Boilers, 2x220 t/h auxiliary boilers dual fuel firing, H.V/M.V/L.V switchgears, All auxiliaries and ancillaries, All civil and building works, Sea water intake and cleaning equipment 1991 1996 498 Engineering Design, Preparation of Tender Documents, Bids Evaluation, Post Contract Duties including supervision of construction, commissioning and guarantee period. Water & Electricity Department, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates UAE
Number of projects: 175
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