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           Contract Management, Supervision and Operation

Supervision of Erection, Commissioning and Guarantee

Personnel Organization and Training

Operational Information System

Quality Assurance and Factory Testing

Studies of Operational Budgets

Engineering Report

                    Pre-Qualifications, Tenders and Contracts

Pre-Qualification of Tenderers

Bills of Quantities

Technical Specifications and General Conditions

Tender Evaluation

Pre-contract Negotiations

Contract Award Recommendations

           Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Investigations

Cost Management, Budgeting and Control

Load Forecasts

Alternative Studies

Evaluation of Alternative Sites

                    Preliminary Services and Advice

Conception Assessment

Formulation of Planning Concept

Local and Environmental Studies

           Preliminary and Detailed Designs

Alternative Solutions and Plant Selection

Preliminary Design

Quantity and Cost Estimates

Static and Dynamic Calculations

System Stability

Detailed Design

Construction Plans

Project Management



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