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Dr. Mahmoud Hassan Ali El-Saie is founder, owner and managing director of DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE CONSULTING ENGINEERS

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, in April 1926. He was nurtured along the warm summer seashore of Sidi Bishr.

Closer to the Nile, the family later moved to cosmopoliton Giza district (Cairo) where Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie obtained his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Cairo University (1950). He later obtained his diploma (DBCT) in engineering from London University in 1953. To crown his academic success he obtained a Ph.D. in engineering from London University in 1954. During the same period he taught B.Sc. and M.Sc. students in engineering as a research officer at SIRE (Scientific & Industrial Research Establishment).

Prior to his departure to Britain he worked as an engineer in power stations, electrical distribution and pumping stations for Municipalities in EGYPT (1950-52).

In 1955 he joined as Deputy then Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineer at Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW), Kuwait. He became Technical Advisor to MEW Kuwait  for large projects in steam power generation and desalination plants and high tension networks in the period 1964 - 1966.

His extensive and wide responsibilities up till then spanned experience across fields of power, desalination, water supply and electrical transmission and their related services.

In 1965 Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie established Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie Consulting Engineers in Kuwait.

He later established city offices in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain and finally EGYPT.

Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie has personally supervised all the critical stages of each project and has hand-picked the senior staff to ensure quality of work and level of commitment and ethics that can rarely be matched by any other international consultant.

As a power and desalination expert, Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie is considered amongst the handful of pioneers. In addition he supervised many industrial projects of a large scale.

Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie's work spread the five continents but special efforts were directed to the middle east.

In so doing, he mastered English, French, German (in addition to mother tongue-Arabic). He also converses in Spanish.

Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie has written several papers to summarize the experience gained during long periods of arduous work served by a high intellect and honesty. His papers are considered pillars of modern power and desalination technology (see papers & researches by Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie). He chaired various technical conferences in power and desalination worldwide and acted as Chairman for advisory committee for the seminar held in London during August 1979 for the study of Al-Jubail dual purpose steam generating power and desalination plant (1500 MW and 200 MIGPD) and recommended an economical solution for the largest power and desalination plant in the world in Saudi Arabia and a seminar was arranged to check the result.

The conclusion of the seminar supported the solution as prepared by Dr. M.H. Ali El-Saie.

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