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DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE CONSULTING ENGINEERS, has been established in Kuwait in 1965 by DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE, the Owner and Managing Director. The firm established and registered its Cairo office in Egypt since 1983, which have became Consulting engineering Company, SINCE 1994.

The firm has also registered in Abu Dhabi, UAE since 1970 and in Sultanate of Oman since 1975.

The projects in hand have a value of US$ 26,236,000,000/-(US $ Twenty Six Billion and Two Hundred Thirty Six Million)

Since the establishment the office has been engaged in different fields of engineering especially:

Power generation plants (steam, gas and diesel).

Water desalination plants of different sizes and capacities and different types (MSF, R.O., V.C.).

Combined cycle power and desalination plants and dual purpose plants including gas turbine with WHR boilers with desalination plants, extraction condensing steam turbine with desalination plants; back pressure turbine with desalination plant.

Cooling water intakes of different types and capacities up to 750000 cum/hr and outfalls especially from and to the sea.

Mechanical and chemical cleaning equipment including hypochlorination plants for sea water intake.

Water distribution and transmission system.

Water pumping station.

Electrical, substation, distribution and transmission systems.

Chemical plants such as salt, chlorine, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid plants.

Electrical, mechanical, air conditioning, fire protection and detection, sewage, drainage and plumbing services for major building complexes such as international airports, hospitals, radio and T.V. centers, sports clubs ... etc.

Cold stores and general warehouses.

Industrial plants such as window and central air conditioning factories, power cable factories, central maintenance workshops and air filter factories ..., etc.

Structural, civil and building works especially for industrial projects.

Instrumentation and control system for industrial plants including conventional I&C, process computer supervisory monitoring, acquisition and control central control rooms, field and local control, sequential control system, ... etc.

Piping systems design (pipelines, process piping).

Storage tanks of different types and capacities.

Fuel oil pumping stations.

Fuel gas treatment, heating and reducing station.

This firm has special reputation in the field of power generation and desalination plants. The owner of the firm DR.M.H. Ali El-Saie is one of the world experts and pioneers in the field of dual purpose power and desalination plants and wrote and submitted several papers in different international conferences which are considered among the best references for experience in the field of desalination and power generation technology.

The Owner and founder of the office DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE during his service between 1955 and 1965 as chief engineer and technical advisor had the honor to basically contribute in organizing the Ministry of Water and Electricity in Kuwait since 1955 and establishing highly organized departments which carry out all design and supervision works under his leadership for all power and water production mainly by dual generation and MSF desalination plants, power transmission lines and distribution network, sub-stations, water transmission trunk mains and distribution network, water reservoirs of different types & capacities, pumping stations for both potable and brackish Water. He had also contributed in training a large number of Arab engineers and operators who have contributed in most Arab countries in the fields of power generation and distribution especially in the gulf area.

DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE was invited by the Abu Dhabi government early 1970 to study the position of power and water generation and distribution in Abu Dhabi Emirate and recommended short term and long term plan to meet the water and electricity requirements. All those present during that period including H.E. Sheikh Suroor bin Mohammed Al Nahyan know the efforts given by our office in this regard.

DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE was also invited by S.W.C.C. in Saudi Arabia to study and propose the best solutions for the largest combined power generation and Water desalination project in the world at Al Jubail (200 million gallon per day plant with associated steam power generation of 1000 MW) regarding the thermal cycle, the choice of materials for desalination plants and tendering procedure.

The scheme proposed by DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE had been verified and approved by international Symposium which was held in London under the chairmanship of SWCC and DR. M.H. ALI EL-SAIE, Professor Silver and Professor Rautenback.

Our scope of services includes feasibility studies, load forecast for energy and water demands, electrical system stability, selection of site locations, engineering design preparation of tender documents, pre-qualification for tenders, and all post contract duties including contract management and major tests at works, supervision of construction and commissioning of the plants upto the issue of the final certificate and including the guarantee maintenance periods.

The firm has long experience in different studies for Water and Electrical demands, Water Desalination and Power generation plants, studies for running plants, selection of cycles and type of plants, optimization of plant characteristics and projection of plant location, size and types.

The firm applies modern computer facilities in all phases of projects design and implementation as well as for office administration.

The firm has experience in design with turnkey based on conceptual or detailed design having one contract or several contracts; full contract management and co-ordination in both cases.

Our firm rendered services to many countries of the world such as Abu Dhabi, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China, Cape Verde.

Our firm is well known to Egyptian Electricity Authority (E.E.A.) through our Engineering services for many large power projects such as Kuraimat Power Generation Plant (2x600 MW Steam Generating Units), the two phases of Assiut thermal power plant - 2x300 MW steam turbines and other electrical distribution projects.

Most of the firm activities have been in Arabian Gulf countries and hence the consultant is well acquainted with the environments and conditions which requires special precautions in applying international codes and standards.

Our firm have a team of competent professional staff who have high academic qualifications with practical experience in design, supervision of construction, tests and commissioning at site, operation and maintenance of projects in the field of specialization.

Our firm is considered to be one of the most well known in the field of dual purpose power and desalination plants and all the successful running units in Abu Dhabi and Sultanate of Oman have been executed under our engineering services.
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