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                      Techno Economic Studies

Assessment of Technical and Operating Aspects

Energy Economics and Supply Systems Planning

Water Systems Planning

                      Dual Purpose Power Generating and Desalination Plants

Gas Turbine and Desalination Dual Purpose Plants

Steam Turbine and Desalination Dual Purpose Plants


                      Power Generating Plants

Gas Turbine Power Generating Plants

Steam Power Generating Plants

Diesel Power Generating Plants

                      Electrical Transmission and Distribution

High and Medium Voltage Transmission Lines

High and Medium Voltage Substations

Rural Electrification

Power Line and Optical Communication Systems

                      Steam Raising and Desalination Plants

                      Reverse Osmosis Plants

                      Water Systems and Pumping Plants

                      Computer Systems

                      Instrumentation and Control System

                      Civil and Building Works

                      Chemical Plants

                      Industrial Projects

                      Infrastructure for Urban & Touristic Development

                      Services: Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, Communication and Fire Protection, BMS, District Cooling, Security & Telecom

                      Environmental Assessment

                      Planning and Project Management

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